Group Assessment Scoring

Discover how you score as a group in the Three Relationships and Rhythms, then develop and deepen them together.

  • Getting Started

    The Group Assessment Scoring is designed to help a group of people discover their group score for the Three Relationships and Rhythms.
    1. Have each person in the group get their scores ready to share.
    2. Input one Rhythm at a time by having each person share their score for that one Rhythm.
         Example: Everyone shares their score for Passion, then everyone shares their score for Scripture.
    3. Enter each person's score separated by a space.
         Example: With 5 people in your group, the Passion field might have "10 13 9 22 17" in it.
    4. After filling in all 15 Rhythms, hit Submit.
    5. Your group results will populate immediately. You will also receive an email with a link so you can view your results at a later time.

    Group size does not matter.